• Extremely comfortable; giant step up in terms of comfort from stock neck straps.  Improves the shooting experience.
  • Lightweight.
  • Low cost.
  • More comfort means more creating.


  • Neck straps can get in the way more than wrist straps during shooting due to their length.
  • The Nikon screen print isn’t as professional looking as actual Nikon apparel.  But it’s a fair tradeoff at this price.


Incredibly affordable comfort.  Get it.


While traveling, a camera becomes a cumbersome burden that you use less and less with every block of the harsh nylon strap cutting into your neck, and a relatively heavy DSLR camera just keeps getting heavier and sweatier with each mile.  The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll shoot, plain and simple.  And when you’re traveling, every little creature comfort like this $5 strap helps you go the extra miles it takes to get those great shots you’d otherwise miss.  Don’t wait on this.  I spent far too many years thinking I didn’t need this, and now I just feel like an idiot for making myself suffer without it.  To my defense, no one told me where I could find a neoprene strap for under $50 (and I definitely looked), so hopefully I can save you some time and trouble with grabbing this inexpensive one that works well enough for me.

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A great neckstrap specifically designed for your Nikon camera.

NOTE: this strap is made specifically for Nikon cameras, but it is not manufactured by Nikon and will work on most other DSLRs as well.

  • One (1) Neck strap for Nikon
  • Pad portion is 1’9″ long and 1.5″ wide
  • 1′ long eyelet strap
  • Reads “for Nikon” on the logo
  • Soft, padded inside

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