Deterring death on trails known for human casualties every year is worth 30-freakin’ bucks.  Make sure you pick this up and have it with you.  You can’t fly with it, so this is really something you have to pack for road trips and/or pickup after you get there.  You really only need this for hikes in Montana, Alaska and Canada where risk of fatal bear attacks is considerably higher, particularly in the spring.  Black bears common in Colorado and California are considerably lower risk.



Maximum range.  FRONTIERSMAN’s 9.2 oz canisters fires 35 feet, the industry’s greatest range and up to 20 feet further than the other bear sprays. The 7.9 oz canisters fires 30 feet, up to 15 feet further than the other bear sprays. This is a huge advantage considering charging bears can cover over 30 feet per second


  • Maximum stopping power – maximum strength allowed by the EPA/Health Canada – guaranteed via in-house lab
  • Greater protection – allows for greatest distance between you & bear with 30-foot range
  • Proven – field tested and proven effective with a 3-year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Immediately accessible via belt holster and easy to locate with glow-in-the-dark safety
  • Maximum coverage thanks to heavy fog delivery

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