• Life-proof.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extremely Packable.
  • Low price for decent output.
  • Hands-free convenience.  If you aren’t using a headlamp already, you just haven’t traveled enough [yet] to need the convenience.


  • The straps make you sweat.
  • The light primarily benefits only the main user/wearer.
  • Less light / lumens output than slightly more expensive models.
  • Less durable than slightly more expensive models.


Incredibly affordable utility.  Get it or if the price is too steep, start with something lower end so you can at least realize the efficiency gains in your travel/creative/camping process.  Be warned, the cheap ones do fail earlier than they should, so you’ll just come back and spend the same money on a better headlamp later (I know from experience, unfortunately).  Reduce your carbon footprint and retain your sanity, and just save to grab a good one from the outset.  Don’t let the cheap knock-offs tempt you.  Losing your light source is a serious deal when you’re 8 miles into a mountain trail at night.


While traveling, a camera becomes a cumbersome burden that you use less and less with every block of the harsh nylon strap cutting into your neck, and a relatively heavy DSLR camera just keeps getting heavier and sweatier with each mile.  The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll shoot, plain and simple.  And when you’re traveling, every little creature comfort like this $5 strap helps you go the extra miles it takes to get those great shots you’d otherwise miss.  Don’t wait on this.  I spent far too many years thinking I didn’t need this, and now I just feel like an idiot for making myself suffer without it.  To my defense, no one told me where I could find a neoprene strap for under $50 (and I definitely looked), so hopefully I can save you some time and trouble with grabbing this inexpensive one that works well enough for me.


The portable outdoor inductive headlamp is full view designed, the main light is CREE XPELED that is 200 Lumens bright , Special double-switch design(normal switch and inductive switch) to ensure you can switch modes conveniently. High-capacity rechargeable battery offers a long lasting power for safer outdoor sports. The headlamp can used for fishing, hunting, night running, hiking and camping, fishing, biking, hunting, climbing, As well as vehicle breakdowns, appliance repairs, walking your dog at night, household work, search and ect.

Product Feathures:
1. Multi-angle adjustment design, so as to adapt to different environment needs
2. With high elasticity nylon fiber headband, with adjustable buckle to adapt to the different head shape, make you achieve the best wear experience.

Light Source: CREE XPE 3W Light Bead
Light Output: Maximum Output Of 200 Lumens
Run Time: 8-10 Hours
Switch Type: Normal Switch + Induction
Switch Switch Mode: High>Low>Strobe(Normal Switch Mode)
Battery Type: Build-In 1200mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (No need to buy batteries anymore).
Water-Resistant Level:IPX5( Life Water Resistant)
Net Weight:72g

Method of use:
1. Normal switch: Press the normal switch to turn on the flashlight, there are 3 light modes: High-Low-Strobe(SOS)
2. Inductive switch: By pressing the inductive switch to activate it. Wave your hand within 15cm in front of the light, you can turn on/off the 3W LED light.

Package Included:
1x Inductive Headlamp
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

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