Tamron AFA012S700 15-30 mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens for Sony/Minolta Alpha Cameras


The Tamron SP 15-30MM F/2.8 DI VC USD (MODEL A012) offers superb image quality and performance. Able to cover modern full frame DSLRs, the 15-30 zoom range offers great versatility in all photographic situations. With an optical construction of 18 elements in 13 groups and XGM (expanded Glass Molded Spherical) element placed at the front group and several LD (Low Dispersion) glass elements in the system, aberrations such as geometrical distortion and lateral color are efficiently compensated for enabling the zoom lens to deliver outstanding image quality throughout the entire range from corner to corner. Due to the large diameter and the prominent convex profile of the front element, it is not practical to use a protective filter. For the first time, a fluorine coating is applied to the front element, which repels water or any type of dirt, while making it easier to remove such smudge when contaminated. Tamron’s USD(4) (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) delivers tack-sharp images due to the high torque and fast response speed with least amount of lag time, yet with extremely low acoustic noise. Equipped with a full-time manual focus mechanism, fine focus adjustments are enabled without exiting from the AF mode. Natural and smooth blur on the subject background enhances depictive capabilities of wide-angle photography when a subject is located in the close distance. The 9-blade diaphragm construction retains a near-circular aperture opening even when stopped down by two steps from its full open position and delivers ideal bokeh effects. Tamron’s acclaimed BBAR (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection) coating is further refined to render uniformity in transmissivity across the critical bandwidths. Coupled with the eBAND coating, ghosting and flare typically observed on ultra-wide-angle lenses are efficiently eliminated, resulting in crisper and crystal-clear images.

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