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Tempered Optical Glass Screen Protector for Fujifilm X-T2 Camera

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The screen protector is specifically designed for Fujifilm X-T2.

Satisfaction is guaranteed! The screen protector is designed to protect screen from abrasions, scratches, impact, dust, fingerprints, and moisture. It is applied on the screen gapless as it is glass self adhesive and injected color frame design, so it does not affect sensitivity of touch/swivel screen. Automatic installation activated by touch and removal without leaving sticky residue.


1. Clean the LCD screen with cleaning wipe inside the packing fist, then wipe with superfine fiber cloth. Do not use alcohol or any other solvent.
2. Remove red marked (1) film, align protector on the LCD screen.
3. Slightly push the center of protector, self-adhesion starts. Squeeze any bubbles if needed. Then remove blue marked (2) film.


1. Dust and dirt is the reason for bubbles appearing under the screen protector. Clean LCD screen completely before installation.
2. The red marked (1) side has adhesive layer, make sure of NO reverse during installation.
3. Do no push protector on the LCD screen before aligning to the right position.
4. You can remove the screen protector to reposition, but it is not recommended to reuse on another device after installation.
5. No bending while applying or removing the screen protector to avoid chipping or cracking.
6. Glass protector is consumable. No refund & No exchange if the seal is broken, except that there is product quality issue.

Best Insurance for your screen against breakage. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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